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Waking Aida


Waking Aida add a dash of puppyish brio to this often esoteric, serious-faced genre. - Q Magazine

'How To Build A Space Station' is as starry and weightless as the title suggests - NME

Stunning sounds and a beautifully produced piece of work. - 7bitarcade

Waking Aida - creating music to inspire and educate – you must listen to this release. A 2014 favourite. -

Summer is here and Waking Aida is your soundtrack to it. Do not miss it. -

With moments of Explosions in the Sky-style splendour flowing gracefully with the odd but exhilarating time signatures, their off-kilter approach has to be applauded. It’s an electrifying roller coaster of a listen. - Spectral Nights

It’s rare to hear an album nowadays that not only repeatedly causes your chest to surge with every ascending passage, but also pushes you to the brink of tears with it’s beauty - Monster Sound Collective